Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I'm sure everyone knows by now. But Tyler popped the question. We got engaged September 24th at a park. He was taking me to lunch and picked me up a kids meal from McDonald's and inside was my ring. But I didn't know it. He had previously bought a toy a couple days earlier and took out the toy & put my ring box inside of it & had it sealed up so when I saw it I just chucked it on the table cause I figured it was just a toy & I cared more about my food! lol So cute Tyler was like, "Hey Anya, that looks like a pretty cool toy, you should open it!" I did and to my surprise McDonald's had really hooked me up with quite a nice ring! lol Ha ha Tyler did a really good job picking out my ring, I absolutely love it.

We are getting married April 18th at the Ivy Lane in Ogden right by our house. We're so excited to get married, I can't wait:) Here's a couple pictures from the day we got engaged & then some of my ring.